Thomas Shillea - The Great Wyso


  In the spring of 1977 I created a photographic and audio document on the life and work of Pennsylvania artist Frank Wysochansky, know in the art world as “The Great Wyso”. Frank was a true artist, self-taught and totally unique and independent in his ideas about art. The primary theme of his drawings, paintings and sculptures were coal miners from N.E. Pennsylvania, where he lived for most of his life. He was also interested in the themes of monks (three of his brothers became priests), musicians and clowns.

The 20 photographs on this page represent a selection from over 800 photographs taken at the artist home, where he lived with his mother, and are accompanied by hours of recorded dialogue. Unlike the other photographs on my website, these pictures were made with a 35mm film camera in a classic photographic documentary style.

All photographs on this web site are the exclusive copyright of Thomas John Shillea